Mumbai’s Best

September 24th, 2017|Comments Off on Mumbai’s Best

Model India Vipin Rathore is one of Mumbai's top fitness models.

Continually Improving

September 23rd, 2017|Comments Off on Continually Improving

Model Universe Jessica Vasquez Shares, "Fitness isn't about being better than anyone else. It's about continually improving. Set goals, create plan, seek advice and persevere

Better Plans???

September 22nd, 2017|Comments Off on Better Plans???

2017 Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Pro Champion Allanah Darling reflects on her big wins last month at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami Beach.


September 21st, 2017|Comments Off on Exhilaration

Model Universe™ Champion Ho Seok Yang??? feeling the exhilaration of victory! The 6'2", 195 lbs., Korean sports model dominated the show last weekend in Miami


September 20th, 2017|Comments Off on Humbled

Kudos to the Malaysian sports model Terrence Teo who became the new Musclemania® Universe Classic Champion last weekend in Miami Beach. The 5'11", 205 lbs.

Inner Strength

September 19th, 2017|Comments Off on Inner Strength

Fitness Model and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro - Kara Bellum shares: "Sometimes we don't know our own inner strength. We have this ability to get

Sexy and Fab

September 19th, 2017|Comments Off on Sexy and Fab

Model America Champion Allana Jones looking sexy and fabulous during her last photoshoot. "??Don't be like the rest of them ??"

Fitness Shoot

September 15th, 2017|Comments Off on Fitness Shoot

Model Colorado Champion Alex Paine shares a snap of her latest fitness model photo shoot.

Korean Model

September 14th, 2017|Comments Off on Korean Model

Model Korea Yang Hosuk ???.

Preparing for Paris

September 13th, 2017|Comments Off on Preparing for Paris

The lovely Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Javihana Azul posing at the streets of Mexico City and says: "Works at being the best


September 12th, 2017|Comments Off on Poolside

2015 Ms. Bikini and Model Asia Champion Say Goo poolside at last years Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas. Her goal is to inspire woman

Who You Are

September 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Who You Are

Our beautiful Model Universe Champion Bree'Anna Lucero on stage last year and says: "Carrry a Light in your smile and Beauty in your heart, stand

Cycle Diet

September 10th, 2017|Comments Off on Cycle Diet

At 5'9", 185 lbs., 25 years old, Swiss Model Nicolas Iong says, "To stay in shape all year and develop my muscle mass I cycle

Recent Photoshoots

September 9th, 2017|Comments Off on Recent Photoshoots

The stunning Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Nati Castillo-Model during one of her most recent photoshoots. The business women, model and entrepenur says:

Fitness Inspiration

September 1st, 2017|Comments Off on Fitness Inspiration

Be relentless. From good, to great, to unstoppable! #boom👊 Follow our incredible Model Universe and Ms Bikini Universe Pro - Jessica Vasquez for more fitness

Training for the Beach

August 31st, 2017|Comments Off on Training for the Beach

2015 Model America Champion Rodrigo Roméh continuing transformation. The 6'1", 210 lbs., popular Mexican sports model is training for Model Universe in Miami Beach.

Rise and Shine

August 30th, 2017|Comments Off on Rise and Shine

Rise and shine it's Thursday 🌞, grab that cup of coffee☕, take that selfie📸 and don't forget working out💪! Prove yourself you are capable of

Flashback Friday

August 29th, 2017|Comments Off on Flashback Friday

#FlashBackFriday hosted by our Ms. Bikini America Pro Champion and Model America - Nati Castillo-Model during her participation in Fitness Weekend show at Las Vegas,