Deiwi’s Transformation

Model Latino™ Champion Deiwi has transformed his physique since winning the show last season. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., former Venezuelan baseball star says, “After the show last year, I knew I had to change my physique if I was going to be successful at the bigger shows. So, I have been hitting the gym everyday for the past year.”

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Never Stop , Never Settle

2015 Ms.Bikini America Pro Champion Luana Moreira is back in Mexico and she is already having photo shoots for various magazines , advertising campaigns , etc. Luana says ” Never stop, Never settle, Until what’s good is better and what’s better is excellent ! “

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Calisthenic Made Physique

New Musclemania® Canada Physique Champion Giancarlo Castaldo swept the competition. The 5’8″, 185 lbs., 21 year old says, “I’m back on my diet and ready to show the world my excellence in fitness, calisthenics as well as modelling!” Giancarlo confirms he will bring a new package to MM Universe in Miami Beach in June. “I am so motivated since the Canada show and am going to look complete different next season.”

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Back in the Game

After taking a couple weeks off his diet, new Model America™ Champion Rodrigo Romeh says he’s back on his game plan. “Now I’m starting a new method to gain muscle,” Rodrigo explains. The 6’1″, 195 lbs., Mexican sports models says, “I’m loading carbs one day and then two days on low carbs. I’m combining this with giant sets of excersices for two muscles each day.”

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“Performance Energy”

One of Jamie Lynn Hughes favorite places to be is on the stage. Jamie says “As a former dancer and pro cheerleader, That is my only outlet for that “performance energy.” In fact, I credit my pro cheer/dance background for the stage dynamics I’ve become known for in the Fitness America circuit.” Jamie Lynn Hughes will be making her Ms.Bikini Universe Pro debut this Saturday at the Fitness America Weekend.She earned her Ms.Bikini Universe Pro title 1.5 years ago but decided to take a break from competitions. Jamie says “Last year, my husband and I followed a dream of ours by opening up Crossfit populace in Tyler Texas.The realities of business ownership have been rewarding yet challenging. And I’ve had to make sacrifices, just as I made sacrifices in order to chase THIS dream of competing.” Jamie likes to choose “theme songs” for different events in her life. For the 2015 Fitness America World Championships, Model America, and her debut as a Bikini Pro- that theme song is “Back in the Saddle” (the Aerosmith version of course!)

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Completely Changed Lifestyle

U.S Air Force First Lieutenant Allanna Jones-Anstaett started her fitness journey in January 2014 with the goal to compete that May. Allanah Says “I was close to 200 lbs at the time and realized I wasn’t setting a good example to my troops. So I completely changed my lifestyle and lost 50 lbs in 5 months and competed in the Fitness New Mexico Championships, since then I have been addicted to this life style.”
In the short time of her fitness career Allanah has had the opportunity to be featured in various fitness magazines and is 4 days out from her Figure Pro debut. The Figure New Mexico champion says “I don’t compete because I like the idea of winning. I compete because I’m addicted to being physically fit and living a healthy life. I compete because I love being surrounded by people who have the same mentality. I compete because I love being STRONG. I compete because I see others inspired by my transformation and see that as long as you have dedication and passion anything is possible. I look forward to making my Pro debut this weekend at Fitness America!”

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Owner Of My Energy

Ms.Bikini Universe Pro and 14′ Model Mexico Champion Karely Herrera says “I am the owner of my energy, I love and I approve of myself, if not me, then who? … Do not wait for the approval of others, The joy and happiness of doing what we like to do, no one and nothing can give it to you.” Karely is an accomplished actress, commercial model and now a column writter for the Mexican Magazine “Soy Grupero”. Karely writes the “Quemando LLanta” section, where she gives tips and valuable information on how to trim fat and achieve the perfect body.

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Super Lean

Model Latino Champion Fernando Valdez says he’s already super lean as he prepares for Model America™. “I am keeping a very clean diet with regular carbs, high protein and high fiber. I am training twice a day, 6 times per week more intense than ever because I want to bring my best package ever to Las Vegas in November!”

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Fitness Family

Mexican fitness model Navidad Alvarado will be making her Ms. Bikini America debut in Las Vegas. The 5’7″, 120 lbs., 30 year old mother comes from a fitness family with 7 brothers who all bodybuild and some of them competitors. “Fitness has always been in our family,” Navidad says. “I was in the gym when I was 13 years old with some of my brothers.”

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10 Weeks To Go

Model Latino Champion Deiwi is training heavy with 10 weeks before Las Vegas. “I am keeping my diet lean, but taking in more calories than usual and keeping my size,” Deiwi explains. The 6’1″, 205 lbs., former Venezuelan baseball plater says, “I want to compete in Musclemania® Physique, too, so I need to hold more mass.”

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