Supplement Workout

Model America Champion Julian Tanaka says, “My three supplement workout includes the following:”

1. BCAA 10 gm 
2. Glutamine 3 gm 
3. HMB 1 gm or switch with L-Carnitine 2 gm

“But, with this supplement stack, make sure that you include passion and drive in every workout to make it most effective in creating lean muscle!”

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Toughest Part Leading Up to the Show

Model America is 10 weeks away from Fitness America Weekend in November at Las Vegas. She shares, “The toughest part about being a Fitness Competitor is the mental strength that you have to have leading to the show: going to the gym twice a day, eating 6 times a day, drinking gallons of water and getting all the outfits ready… 😅 BUT once it’s show time and you step on that stage, it’s party time 🎉 and all that hard work pays off 🏆 I’m looking forward to bringing my best package yet to Vegas this year and celebrating my victory!”

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Stay Positive and Work Hard

Model Universe Champion Jessica Vasquez shares, “Stay positive. Work hard. Make it happen.”

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Passion for the Fit Life

Muscle Model Michael Lee Fitness shares, “I may not be the biggest, the strongest nor the most handsome, but what I am is ultra passionate about the fit life. 💪🏽 Keep working hard because your hard work will pay off.”

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Isz Ahmad Will Compete in Model Asia

Malaysian sports model Isz Ahmad has appeared in numerous commercial and print ad campaigns. At 5’7″, 170 lbs., he will compete at Model Asia in Singapore in December.

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Ryan White’s Spotlight Walk

Muscle Model Ryan White, performing his “spotlight walk” for the Model division during the themed active wear round. Ryan earned the Model Rocky Mountain title last April and the 1st Runner-up Sports Model World title in Las Vegas last year! Model has 3 rounds of competition: evening wear/ club wear, active wear, bathing suit.

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Sticking to a Clean Diet

Model Universe Champion Rodrigo Romeh says, “I am sticking to a clean diet with few carbs and cardio 2-3 times a week. I have 3 months before MM Las Vegas.”

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Smashing a Heavy Cardio Session

Muscle Model Tavi Castro says, “I’m about to smash a heavy cardio and training session this wonderful Sunday morning!”

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Feeling Grateful

Model Mexico Champion Bridget Therese Fitness Model shares, “when I stop to look at my life I stop and count my blessings. I’ve had my share of lows over the past few years but today I’m grateful for the peace, happiness and love I have in my life. Never forget where you came from so you always appreciate where you are.”

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Motivated, Inspired, and Empowered

Model Universe Finalist, Lauren Delucca, is excited to emcee the upcoming Musclemania® Colorado Pro and National qualifier show on November 4th! Lauren shares, “Motivated, Inspired, Empowered, Hungry… Vegas is just 14 weeks away (with our regional pro-qualifier just two weeks prior to the Fitness America Weekend) so let’s start the ultimate journey towards a second year of #1 Team in the World, Team
Musclemania® Colorado USA🇺🇸 dominance and victory!”

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