Proved to Myself

Figure Rocky Mountain finalist Kelly Simon shares “It took more hard work and dedication than any fitness endeavor I’ve ever attempted, and even though I didn’t win, I learned a ton about myself. I proved to myself that in spite of my many injuries, it’s still possible to accomplish my goals. I lost 17lbs too! It turns out abs really are made in the kitchen!”

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Hard Work & Faith

Happy Saturday! Fitness Model Shannon Rivas shares, “Posting a little transformation for my own motivation, as well as the motivation for ANYONE else! The first photo is comparing April 2017- April 2018. There is is no secret pill. There is no trick. Just hard work and faith in yourself! This is something I never even imagined myself doing. HERE I AM! Proof that anyone can change their life and reach their goals!”

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Keep Kicking

Musclemania® Model America Champion Nick Roybal says, “I got a lot of luv and respect for this fellow crazy bastard. Seven years ago, Xavier was a boxer who was tested by some thugs, they shot him in the leg, then right in the back that night! The doctor said he wasn’t gonna make it, but he did. Then the doctors said he would never walk or do anything physical again. He said ‘F*ck that!’ Now Xavier’s slowly starting to walk again and is now training for his first bodybuilding show. Keep kickin ass brotha. Oh and one more thing. Stop counting your reps starting at 200 in front of the ladies MF’er!”

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Creating Momentum

Swiss Model Nicolas Iong says he follows, “Big Dreams. Big Actions. Big Results. When you begin your daily motivational path, when you are setting goals & are truly motivated to see them come to a successful conclusion, you get results. When you get great results you create momentum. That momentum of course gets you even more motivated to achieve greater success. Stay motivated, stay on track.”

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Wheels in Motion

Congratulations to the 2nd Runner-up at Model Rocky Mountain Jesse Lopez last month. Jesse already has the wheels in motion to bring a better package and performance to compete again at the Musclemania® Colorado on November 4th!

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Eye Set on the Future

Model Mexico Champion Bridget Therese Fitness Model has started the day by setting her goals and getting ready to work towards them.

Bridget says, “Hard to believe that my Mexico City show was almost a year ago! I had such an amazing time preparing for this competition. I put a lot of time and effort into every aspect of my training. I have my eye set on future goals for 2019! Training is about to begin 💪🏼🏆 Never forget you can do anything you set your mind to!”

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Tips for Succeeding

2016 Model America Champion Bree’Anna Lucero definitely loves a good competition!

Here are some her tips for succeeding:
-Be better than you were yesterday
-Push yourself harder
-Fuel your body healthier
-More positive thoughts
-More Purpose filled actions
We all live a Purpose ✊🏽💜

Remember, your biggest competition is YOU.

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Changing Things Up

Model Colorado Champion Paine4Gains Fitness shares, “Sometimes you just got to change things up!!! New hair, new goals, new training style, and new diet!!! If you ever feel like your stuck, you probably are, and changing things up, even just a little, can really help you to stay motivated and see results!!!!”

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Super Lean

Model America Champion Julian Tanaka in show shape will return to the stage at Model Universe in Miami Beach next month. At 5’8″, 200 lbs., the Colombian farmer has maintained super lean shape all season.

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Be Limitless

Model Universe Champion Bree’Anna Lucero says, “the only limits we have in life are the ones we create in our heads. Be limitless, never underestimate your full potential.”

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