Be Smarter, Work Smarter!

Fitness Model Tavi Castro says, "Be Smarter! ✖️✖️Don’t just work harder than everyone in the room.
Work smarter than everyone. You don’t have to be gifted, talented,rich, or have the perfect environment to get to where you want to be. You just have to take control of that which you have in your control. That’s your time reading and learning , and the level you push yourself to the point where you know you ain’t getting out of that gym , classroom, arena etc unless you know you ain’t got even 1% more to give before you start to faint, vomit, or can’t keep your eyes open reading another word."

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Impressive Mass

Model Champion 양호석 Hosuk says he's bringing a new physique to Las Vegas next month. The 6'2", 205 lbs., Korean commercial model and actor has added impressive mass to his tall frame.

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Jun Choi to be Back on Stage New Season

Fitness Model Jun Choi enjoying a full year off-season. The Korean sports trainer open his new sports training facility this year. The 5'8", 195 lbs., natural athlete says, "I've been working on symmetry and making my physique more complete, but I'll be back on stage new season."

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Taking it to Another Level

Model New Mexico Champion Nick Roybal is 6 weeks out from Fitness America Weekend. The 5'10", 190 lbs., lifetime natural says, "During the off season, I took my back workouts to another level, making sure it builds nicely. Now I'm cutting for Las Vegas at a steady pace lifting moderate weight at high reps. I chalk up my callouses, get to work, and dominate every set."

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More Determined than Ever

Swiss Fitness Model Nicolas Iong says he training to defend his title. The 5'9", 205 lbs., lean and lifetime natural bodybuilder explains, "I'm more determined than ever. More than 5 weeks to go! 5 weeks to give everything, to work even harder and show my best shape ever. Each week counts, each day, each meal, each training, so much work, patience and sacrifice. We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort."

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Changes in the Body

Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea Estrada shares, "Leaning out is the name of the game now. Looking forward to the changes in my body these next few weeks. Head down and putting in the work! "

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Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You

Model Universe Champion Jessica Vasquez shares, "Be BRAVE. Be BOLD. Be YOU. Darling be whatever your heart desires! Shoutout to ALL the AMAZING LADIES working super hard day in and day out to keep their LIFE balanced."

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Brittany Williams Had a Blast in Paris

Model America Champion and Ms. Bikini Pro Brittany The Queen B Williams had a blast in Paris Last weekend. She shares, "I would like to take a moment away from being a glutton for a #fbf from this little Parisian food and wine tour I have been on this week.
A 2nd and 4th place finish meant I earned some good food. You better believe I took total advantage of being in this magical city of delicious food at every turn. It surely is a good thing that I like training as much as I like to get my grub on. But what else is a girl to do on a place like Paris?!? It has been so much fun running around acting like a local, going with the flow and letting the magic happen, but I have never been as hyped to get back to training. Initially, I was going to sit out from Fitness America this year, but between this show and @phase1sports @iamphase1 getting me back in my zone, I am more hype than ever. A little more Paris then on to the next one. 
Merci beaucoup to @musclemaniaparis for all of your hospitality and welcoming @rubycarterpikes and I to your first Pro show."



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You Can’t Grow Without Struggle

Swiss Model Nicolas Iong says, "You can not grow without struggle, without challenges. Struggles, challenges and hard times offer you much more value than any other time in your life. You can not grow without struggle. And, you can not get stronger without resistance."

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Gearing Up to Hustle!

Model Mexico Bridget Therese Fitness Model shares, "With seasons changing comes an unsettled feeling of anxiousness. The feeling of longing to do more with my life and something of purpose. It makes me want to grow, learn new things, sign up for classes and re cultivate my ideas into action. Dusting ideas off and gearing up to hustle!"

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