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Handling Our Battles

Model Universe Champion Bree'Anna Lucero shares, "We may not always get to choose the battles we go through but what we do get to choose is how we handle them. 
We all have a warrior inside of us, we choose which one we unleash. Positive and negative,the end result is in our hands to deal with which warrior we let take over. 
Through it all we are Never alone "


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Make the Years Count!

Fitness, Bikini, & Figure PRO Sharon Pascual-Diaz shares, "YOUTH IS A GIFT OF NATURE; AGE IS A WORK OR ART. To be honest, I hate when ppl use their age as an excuse because I’m making it!... I hate when I find myself comparing myself to someone younger...I even get bothered when they say “age is just a number” because it’s definitely harder as we get older! When I get disturbed by the matters of age, I just let it go now & appreciate. I don’t count the years; I make the years count and know the happiness time brings. I SHALL NOT GROW OLD WITHOUT SEEING THE STRENGTH & BEAUTY WHICH MY MIND & BODY IS CAPABLE. Each struggle of today is developing the strength and skills we need for tomorrow.... Have PASSION, have DRIVE, have FOCUS, give SUPPORT, pass on ENCOURAGEMENT, radiate a POSITIVE ATTITUDE... HELP OTHERS BE GREAT! because the people that surround you have an impact on and a tendency to shape you."

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Creator of Your Own Life

Swiss model Nicolas Iong shares, "You are the creator of your life ✍🏽

You create your life with thoughts, actions, beliefs, and most importantly, your attention, your focus.

What you focus on, you feed it with energy and it becomes your reality. If you focus on work and achievement, then you’ll work towards success and that’s where you’ll make progress. If you focus on relationships and adventure, then that is where your life will show results.

So when you want to find yourself, realize that you find yourself by creating yourself."

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Get Up After a Fall

Model Asia Aarathy Abv shares, "Mirror mirror on the wall, 
I will always get up after I fall.
And whether I run, walk or have to crawl, I will set my goals and achieve them all. "

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Alex Paine’s Posing

Model Universe Alex Paine, has been training and practicing her posing for months, striving to earn a Figure Universe™ Pro title on April 28th!

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Limitless Abilities

Muscle Model Tavi Castro shares, "Only limitless thinking , and limitless dreaming , can manifest limitless abilities, and limitless success... ✖️✖️BE Limitless."

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Doing Your Best

Model Asia Champion Yu Mi Oh shares, "#throwback to 4 years ago, Now I'm better than I was at that time although I experienced big changes like having my 1st baby . I will never give up and will continue to do my best."

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Time & Love Can’t be Bought

Model Universe Champion Bree'Anna Lucero shares, "Time is Love
Time can not be bought 
Love can not be bought
- As I get older I realize just how much these two things mean to me. I have taken time to be alone and learn what I love and how to truly love myself. - I realize how beautiful this world and life truly is. It takes time to stop and appreciate the little things. Sunsets, stars, weather, smells, colors, nature, true deep meaningful conversations. - You can have ALL the money and fame in the world and it still not be enough, I have taken the time to learn from others. Although I still don’t know it all, I remain open minded and willing to learn all I can in my time here. - I have learned Love through God. Absolute Unconditional Love, how indescribable is a love like that! 🙏🏼🙌🏻
- Just being able to stop and take time to truly smile, love and appreciate the world around us is something I incorporate everyday because I’m not promised tomorrow."


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Get Things Done!

Model Universe Champion Jessica Vasquez shares, "Saturday gym vibes! Show up. 💪🏼💯 Get things done even when you don’t feel like it!!! The power of staying fit & healthy is in your hands. It all depends on “HOW BAD YOU WANT IT?” Setting aside time each day/weekly for your goals is a must"

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