Not a Restriction

Fit Mom Jessica Hood continues to prove that being a mom is not a restriction, but more so a motivation to stay fit and healthy!

She says, '2 kids under 2 & 9 months postpartum. I DID IT! Thank you for the love & support"

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Lose Yourself

Fitness Model Bridget Therese Fitness Model shares, "Sometimes you have to lose yourself to rediscover who you are. Sometimes what feels like breaking down is really breaking free.
I took some time away from posting and sharing my world with you. I had do some self reflection, find my faith again and start working on me. Giving myself time and space to heal from past wounds and finding peace that can only come from God. Sometimes it takes getting to our lowest to make big changes. Big changes are on my agenda, I’m in the process of removing the obstacles that held me down and I’m finding my strength to pursue my dreams. Life will knock me down, but I’ll rise and come back stronger than before. ????"

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Inspiring Moms

2017 Model Asia Champion Yu Mi Oh wants to inspire all moms to not use their children as an excuse to get out of shape but to be inspired to get into shape. The Korean Fitness Model stepped back into the Fitness Universe stage months after having her first child and won in all the categories she competed in.

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Amazing Event

2017 Model America Champion Kara Bellum made her model competition debut this month at the Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas and took home the win. The European fitness model shares, "Winning Commercial Model at Fitness Weekend America was the most unexpected and yet one of the most incredible experience of my life. It has been quite an experience for a first as a model. The girls were all gorgeous with their amazing outfits and the energy behind the scenes and on stage awesome. I can not thank enough the entire Fitness Universe team for this amazing event that I will never forget."

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Model America Runner-up Alex Paine says "I had such a blast this year at Fitness America Weekend! I aimed super high with my goals this year and met quite a few of them - including earning my profession status! I learned a lot from this experience and I know I still have lots of room to grow before I hit the stage again. I plan on bringing a whole new style to the stage in Miami with Team Colorado!"

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Athletic Looking

Model America Champion Arturo Garita taking on new form, leaner and more athletic looking. The Costa Rican native has been modeling in Miami lately.

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New Ferocity

Muscle Model Julian Tanaka says he's training for next season with new ferocity. "I want to bring something new and surprising to the stage," he promises.

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2017 Fitness America Model Champion Daisy, Pro Athlete shares, "She was beautiful, but not like those girls in magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. No, she wasnt beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul"
A person will only be as beautiful as their heart? be kind, be humble, be beautiful.
My aim for 2018 is to help others develop and grow, to unleash the inner beauty of those who surround me, to help achieve goals that are currently a dream??"

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Muscle Model Michael Lee says, "As a Dad, engineer and fitness entrepreneur, I use my gym time wisely, doing challenging workouts, followed up with a clean diet year round."

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Model and singer Mina (mina koo) aspires to share healthy and happy vibes with more people throughout her fitness modeling journey. Mina will be competing on stage at 2017 Fitness New York later today!

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