Feel Content

Model America Luana Moreira shares, "May the effort, success and joy be only for what YOU do, not for someone else's! Only then will you feel content..."

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Deload or Recovery

Model America Champion Alanna Mills shares, "Do you know what a DELOAD or RECOVERY WEEK is? It's essential in your training program where it actually helps to build you up STRONGER????
??Here's some more for you...it basically is a time for your body to recover from exercise. Consistent training eventually builds a deficit that cannot be repaid in a single rest day. A structured deload week is a CHANCE for YOUR BODY to RECOVER from that DEFICIT??
?It sounds crazy that you actually get STRONGER by RECOVERING from EXERCISE, but it's the truth?
Here's the breakdown for you...
1. PROVIDE a stimulus to the body (exercise)
2. REMOVE the stimulus (REST)
3. The body adapts to BETTER HANDLE the stimulus
??So what happens when you ignore or just don't know to place a deload week into your training at the right time so you just keep working out constantly without rest????
?Unceasing exercise DOESN'T make you better, it makes you WORSE. It digs your body into a hole that keeps getting deeper also known as OVERTRAINING??
TAKE AWAY...if you've been training hard day after day after day and still look the same and feel no added muscle gain or strength maybe it's time to take a look at re-structuring your training design...Train SMARTER not HARDER????
Here's to living a healthy, strong, fit, fearless, and faithful lifestyle???????????????????"

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Fitness Model Kara Bellum shares, " ?? p r o g r e s s ??
Don't compare your chapter 1 TO CHAPTER 8

Because you never know where your own story will lead you..."

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Sports Model Champ Allanna Jones-Anstaett Figure Pro is currently preparing to compete at 2017 Fitness America Weekend in 4 categories! Yes, you saw that right! She plans on competing in Sports Model, Bikini, Figure Pro, and Physique!

Allanna syas, "Only a couple weeks out from Fitness America Weekend 2017! Fitness Universe I can’t wait to see my fit friends in Vegas and hitting the stage again!"

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2017 Model and Ms.Bikini California Runner Up Jessica Hood stepped on stage for the first time this month at the Fitness California Championships in Burbank California. The Fit Mom of 3 shares "As a first time competitor, I was very grateful to have competed in Ms. Bikini & Model Universe for several reasons. Staff was very helpful & the athletes worked together as a team despite how tired & hungry we all were. It was an amazing experience. I worked very hard to compete in both Ms. Bikini & Model Universe. As a first time competitor, I am very proud of my accomplishments. I will continue to grow as an athlete & bring an even better ME the next time I step on stage!"

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Fitness Model Chanel Coco Brown shares, "The difference between your body this week & next week is what you do for the next seven days to achieve your goals. All you have to do is START.
Prep your meals for the week, stick to your workout schedule, aim to do one thing each day to work towards your goal and remind yourself how awesome you are!
People tend to start the week with good intentions, then get frustrated with themselves and give up. Don’t compare yourself to others, remember, everyone has to start somewhere and this is your own journey."

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Model Universe Champion Jessica Vasquez shares, "Stepping outside your comfort zone is always worth it!"

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Model Universe Andrea M. Estrada shares, "Be humble in your confidence, yet courageous in your character.
Finding that balance can be difficult but, not impossible. Invest time in getting to know who you are and accepting every part of you. Keep learning and growing and you'll experience that inner strength and genuine excitement for discovering this new balance. "

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Model Universe™ Champion Alán Valdez says he's getting into shape for Musclemania® America Las Vegas. The 6', 190 lbs., Mexican native says, "I had a serious back injury nagging me for the past year, but I am training through it and will be ready soon."

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Model Latino Rodrigo Romeh has been on the front lines helping with the Mexico City earthquake recovery. The 6'1", 190 lbs., Mexican social media star says, "Its great to be back in the gym after a month. It was my duty as a Mexican to help in this time of need, but I admit it also feels so good to bne training again. The positive endorphins are flowing!"

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