Model America Champion Alanna Mills shares, "Do you know what a DELOAD or RECOVERY WEEK is? It's essential in your training program where it actually helps to build you up STRONGER????
??Here's some more for basically is a time for your body to recover from exercise. Consistent training eventually builds a deficit that cannot be repaid in a single rest day. A structured deload week is a CHANCE for YOUR BODY to RECOVER from that DEFICIT??
?It sounds crazy that you actually get STRONGER by RECOVERING from EXERCISE, but it's the truth?
Here's the breakdown for you...
1. PROVIDE a stimulus to the body (exercise)
2. REMOVE the stimulus (REST)
3. The body adapts to BETTER HANDLE the stimulus
??So what happens when you ignore or just don't know to place a deload week into your training at the right time so you just keep working out constantly without rest????
?Unceasing exercise DOESN'T make you better, it makes you WORSE. It digs your body into a hole that keeps getting deeper also known as OVERTRAINING??
TAKE AWAY...if you've been training hard day after day after day and still look the same and feel no added muscle gain or strength maybe it's time to take a look at re-structuring your training design...Train SMARTER not HARDER????
Here's to living a healthy, strong, fit, fearless, and faithful lifestyle???????????????????"