Model Mexico Karely Herrera shares, " Drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach is ideal for the elimination of toxins and all the substances that our body does NOT need. Thanks to this, water helps to activate the metabolism so that it starts to start up for the rest of the day.

During the night the body works repairing cells and doing internal cleaning, for this reason, drinking  fasting is beneficial, as this will give the body a push to release all waste through urine.

That "magical" glass of water fasting helps to minimize the harmful effects of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, pollution, junk food, among others. So if you had a day of excess and #cheatmeal Do not despair, waking up drinking water

In addition, this good habit protects and moisturizes our vital organs to give them health and good functioning.
Consuming 2 to 3 glasses of water on an empty stomach is ideal for weight loss. In addition to eliminating toxins from the body, water helps burn fat and calories, also reduces the feeling of hunger - avoiding weight gain by overfeeding . WATER IN THE MORNING FRIENDS!"