Model Universe Champion Jessica Vasquez shares, "??ATTENTION LADIES??
Don't be afraid to lift weights! ???????As a matter of fact a combination of strength training and cardio workouts have enhanced my lady curves and toned up my body! YES, it takes time to shape your body exactly how you want it!! This month aside from continuing my consistent workouts I plan to clean up the nutrition as I am a big foodie & guilty of having way to many indulgences. Hey it happens right??? Who's with me?? Join me on the 30 Day No Cheat Challenge!! ????????
Step 1 Rid the junk food
Step 2 Shop 4 REAL food
Step 3 Prepare to cook
Step 4 Drink lots of water
Step 5 STAY CONSISTENT ??????????
When I stop seeing progress on my fitness goals it always boils down to what I am eating. It's not easy to push aside the junk food but I am ready to look and feel better from the inside out! Are you ready???"