Fitness, Bikini, & Figure PRO Sharon Pascual-Diaz shares, "YOUTH IS A GIFT OF NATURE; AGE IS A WORK OR ART. To be honest, I hate when ppl use their age as an excuse because I’m making it!... I hate when I find myself comparing myself to someone younger...I even get bothered when they say “age is just a number” because it’s definitely harder as we get older! When I get disturbed by the matters of age, I just let it go now & appreciate. I don’t count the years; I make the years count and know the happiness time brings. I SHALL NOT GROW OLD WITHOUT SEEING THE STRENGTH & BEAUTY WHICH MY MIND & BODY IS CAPABLE. Each struggle of today is developing the strength and skills we need for tomorrow.... Have PASSION, have DRIVE, have FOCUS, give SUPPORT, pass on ENCOURAGEMENT, radiate a POSITIVE ATTITUDE... HELP OTHERS BE GREAT! because the people that surround you have an impact on and a tendency to shape you."