Doing duty at Fitness America Weekend last month, Mark Samara won both the Model America - Short Class and Musclemania® America - BW Class. The fact that he even enter entered both events was surprise enough, but to win shocked event him. Recently, we asked Mark about his decision to train for and compete in both competitions.

"After the Model Universe Championships this past June, I decided to have some fun and try my hand at bodybuilding. Then, after 5 months of consistent training to add some muscle and a lot of posing practice I felt ready for the big show in Vegas."

"Stepping onto the stage as a bodybuilder for the first time, I wasn't sure what to expect. Weighing in at 145 I just barely made the Bantamweight Class. I tried not to worry about the competition and just focus on doing my personal best and having the most fun of anyone out there! It must have worked because I was able to edge out the competition for a win!"

"Now I know I have a LOT of work to do if I want to step on stage with the big guys, so after a little time off to rehab some nagging injuries it will be back to heavy training to gain some muscle. I'd like to take 6-12 months to really make some progress before I hit the stage again. But I know it will go by quickly and I'll be in a posedown before I know it!"

Next stop, Musclemania® Universe!