One of Jamie Lynn Hughes favorite places to be is on the stage. Jamie says "As a former dancer and pro cheerleader, That is my only outlet for that "performance energy." In fact, I credit my pro cheer/dance background for the stage dynamics I've become known for in the Fitness America circuit." Jamie Lynn Hughes will be making her Ms.Bikini Universe Pro debut this Saturday at the Fitness America Weekend.She earned her Ms.Bikini Universe Pro title 1.5 years ago but decided to take a break from competitions. Jamie says "Last year, my husband and I followed a dream of ours by opening up Crossfit populace in Tyler Texas.The realities of business ownership have been rewarding yet challenging. And I've had to make sacrifices, just as I made sacrifices in order to chase THIS dream of competing." Jamie likes to choose "theme songs" for different events in her life. For the 2015 Fitness America World Championships, Model America, and her debut as a Bikini Pro- that theme song is "Back in the Saddle" (the Aerosmith version of course!)