Model Australia Champion Ben Handsaker was a favorite for Model America last month in Las Vegas. The 5'11", 189 lbs., cover model and celebrity sports star unexpectedly withdrew at the last minute. Ben explains, " I burst a large hernia I have on abs last week. I was pushing extremely hard in the gym! As I wanted to have an 8 pack popping on stage for the World Championships. That will teach me for doing leg raises with 12 kg dumbbell between my feet supersets with leg press. I have had the hernia for over 3 years but never got it operated on because I didn't want to take the foot off the accelerator with my fitness goals. As the surgery has a 6 week recovery time with no weights training." Ben says his healing's on track and everyone should plan to see him on stage at Model Universe in Miami in June . . . with an eight pack!