Leonardo Da Model

Like Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man sketch, '10 Model Britain Champion Mehmet Edip displays a static structure but dynamic in its presentation of a moving, living man. The photo by famed fitness cameraman Robert Reiff was shot in his Venice, California, studio and published in Box Magazine this month. The London based Mehmet is currently working the Hollywood media scene and will soon appear in some new advertisements, marketing campaigns and a couple of commercials.

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Stephanie Hasegawa

She grew up in Southern California and was always into athletics.  So, when sports model Stephanie Hasegawa moved to Las Vegas seven years ago, she quickly picked up some new sports like amateur boxing, Muay Thai fighting and motor cross.  She's been a popular runway and commercial model and is one of the most popular boxing ring girls for major fights.  At 5'8", 125 lbs., Stephanie will be competing at the Model America to further her career.  However, she says her passions are diverse.  "I'm planning on starting a nursing program next year.  I love to help people because I have a lot of compassion."  Stephanie says she's still planning to model but is also concerned with her long term future.  "Modeling is fun and exciting, but I need to focus on my 'day job', too."

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Matus Valent

Since winning the '07 Model America, fitness model Matus Valent has been working the Hollywood scene. He appeared in this year's blockbuster, "Night at the Museum 2" with Ben Stiller. Matus explained, "I was one of the Egyptian soldiers. It was a lot of fun even if it was an extra role." He has also been appearing in many fitness magazines, covers and commercials and other productions including the "Tyra Banks Show", Kristine W's “Walk Away” video and many others. Matus will be one of the celebrity judges at the Model California Championships on October 3 in Hermosa Beach.

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Nicole Violet Albright

One California's hottest young models started three years ago as a successful and popular calendar girl. But according to Nicole Violet Albright, "It wasn't an easy start. Still my worst memory is my first real calendar shoot. It was so awkward and uncomfortable for me. I had no idea what I was doing." But bad memories have turned into a burgeoning career with Nicole having already appeared on the covers of over a dozen magazines including FHM, Maxim and Stuff. "My most memorable memory would definitely be getting to work with and be in the pages of Playboy," says the 25 year old Newport Beach resident. She will be competing at Ms. Bikini America in Las Vegas and furthering her modeling career. "I hope to bring to the show a whole new look and excitement."

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Josephine Dalton

The lovely Josephine Dalton recently appeared at the E3 convention in Santa Monica at which she worked for Nintendo.  She introduced the integration of fitness with the video game maker's WiFi entertainment platform.  Last year, Josephine competed at Arizona, California and America shows and is preparing once again for the big, year-end Hollywood show.

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