Lifting Myths

Model Canada Champion Sally Leung addresses a common concern about weight lifting for women. She says, “You can’t look like a man by lifting weights unless you want to. I lift 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes every workout and I lift heavy weights! With cardio, your muscles are staying basically the same size and shape. The key is lifting, because you will change the shape and size of your underlying muscles. You will not look similar to a bodybuilder. What you will do is raise your resting metabolic rate, harden your muscles and shape your physique.

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Kelly McGrath

She may have her masters degree in political science, but Kelly McGrath is so apolitical when it comes to sports fitness modeling.  The 29 year old is one of the hottest on the Canadian scene and has shot American Curves, Lingerie, UMM and many others.  At 5'8", 125 lbs., Kelly is striking and stunning and photographers love the way she can play with the camera.  She won the '07 Model Canada Championships in Toronto and is preparing to compete at Model Universe in Miami in June.

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Arysta Bogner

One of Canada's hottest sports models knows how to show her stuff both in front and behind the camera.  Arysta Bogner and her siblings are third generation commercial photographers.  But, she has also aspired in sports, fashion and commercial modeling and has her B.A. Honors Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.  Arysta says her body is a reflection of years of athletic experience including 10 years of ballet, tap and jazz dancing and as a professional tennis coach and was a provincial sprint, hurdles, long jump and javelin champion.   This girl just doesn't quit!  She explains, "I just love sports and staying in shape.  And, if some modeling and commercial jobs come along, then it makes it all so much sweeter."  Arysta will be competing at Model Universe in Miami in June.

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A.J. Jama

Canadian sports model A.J. Jama is about as diverse a sports model there can be.  The 6'3", 220 athlete played professional rugby in Europe for 4 years and in the CFL for 2 years.  Since he was 18 years old, A.J.'s been modeling in Canada and he says, "I do a lot of acting, so being an actor/model is my greatest ambition."  That's coming from a guy who earned his aerospace engineering degree and professionally is an aircraft systems engineer.  A.J. has eight brothers and sports run in his family.  "I love sport motorcycles.  But it's just one of my many passions," says A.J.  His youngest brother, Hassan, is an accomplished amateur bodybuilder.  A.J. is represented by Take One Talent in Ottawa, Canada.

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