Italian Initiative

'13 Model Europe Champion Kamal Amroche continues to improve his physique since winning the show. The 6'2", 200 lbs., 28 year old Italian sports model was also a '13 Model America Championships Top 5 Finalist and says he's preparing for the next season beginning with Model Universe in June.

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Pull Out Favorite

Model Australia Champion Ben Handsaker was a favorite for Model America last month in Las Vegas. The 5'11", 189 lbs., cover model and celebrity sports star unexpectedly withdrew at the last minute. Ben explains, " I burst a large hernia I have on abs last week. I was pushing extremely hard in the gym! As I wanted to have an 8 pack popping on stage for the World Championships. That will teach me for doing leg raises with 12 kg dumbbell between my feet supersets with leg press. I have had the hernia for over 3 years but never got it operated on because I didn't want to take the foot off the accelerator with my fitness goals. As the surgery has a 6 week recovery time with no weights training." Ben says his healing's on track and everyone should plan to see him on stage at Model Universe in Miami in June . . . with an eight pack!

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Aussie Model

Model America™ Champion Mark Robinson is staying in shape for lots of shoots including one today with Action Shots in Queensland, Australia and shutterbug Ryan Aucoin. Everything was shot at the Palazzo Versace Fitness & Wellbeing Centre. Mark's popularity is burgeoning among Australia photographers and he's looking forward to soon making a move to the US market, too.

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