Chul Soon

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon just modeled for a new computer game character, "Age of Storm". The 5'10", 195 lbs. sports model and natural bodybuilder appears regularly on Korean television game shows, commercial and advertisements. Chul is training for Musclemania® World in Las Vegas next week where he will defend his MM Pro World title!  Watch Chul and over 500 other amazing competitors LIVE from Las Vegas on next Sat & Sun, Nov 22-23.

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Reed Plummer

As one of London's most popular models, Reed Plummer can be seen in consumer magazines like Men's Health and major commercial campaigns. The 5'8", 165 lbs. 26 years old, has been migrating to sports fitness modeling as his physique continues to develop. Reed is training for Model Universe next June in Miami and promises to bring his new look to the stage.

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Angelina Mullins

Newly crowned Model America Champion Angelina Mullins is new to fitness industry but is an accomplished dancer and commercial model. The 26 year old Broadway performer was trained at Boston Ballet School and has performed in West Side Story, Spamalot, Fosse and Saturday Night Fever. Angelina says, "I am fairly new to the fitness world and love it! Everything from working hard in the gym, right to the pay off of being on stage is more rewarding than anything I have ever done." She has also appeared in Reebok and Lady Footlocker print ads, Step 360 informercial and Lucille Roberts commercial.

Kel Okoro

In his very first sports model competition, '09 Model New Mexico Champion Kel Okoro was an instant sensation!   Since winning, the 29 year old personal trainer has received numerous commercial jobs in his native Albuquerque and throughout the West.  And, he has learned very quickly through experience about what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry.  On Sunday, December 5, Kel will host a model seminar where he will discuss a variety of topics to help other budding sports models including:

Diet & Exercise – Tips on how to get the model perfect physique

Modeling for all physique types– fitness, fashion, commercial, print

Runway modeling – The T-walk

Attire selection – Club wear, sportswear & swimsuit attire for competing

Competing on a budget – how to obtain sponsors

Creating a modeling portfolio

Much more!

The Model New Mexico Seminar is FREE to the public, so mark your calendar and get ready to learn about what it takes to become a popular sports fitness model.  Kel will be back from his appearance at the Model America Championships in Las Vegas and will have lots of fresh insight.

Location & Time

Sunday, December 5
2 - 4 PM

Alamo Shape
700 East First Street
Alamogordo, NM

Stephanie Hasegawa

She grew up in Southern California and was always into athletics.  So, when sports model Stephanie Hasegawa moved to Las Vegas seven years ago, she quickly picked up some new sports like amateur boxing, Muay Thai fighting and motor cross.  She's been a popular runway and commercial model and is one of the most popular boxing ring girls for major fights.  At 5'8", 125 lbs., Stephanie will be competing at the Model America to further her career.  However, she says her passions are diverse.  "I'm planning on starting a nursing program next year.  I love to help people because I have a lot of compassion."  Stephanie says she's still planning to model but is also concerned with her long term future.  "Modeling is fun and exciting, but I need to focus on my 'day job', too."

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Alex Castillo

The 7th Annual Model America Championships in Las Vegas hosted nearly 100 of the country's hottest sports fitness models.  But it was local hometown stars Amanda Latona and Alex Castillo that took home overall honors.  Alex is a personal trainer originally from Cuban with limited modeling experience but recently moved to South Beach to ignited his career and be closer to his family.  Amanda is a convention spokesperson and model with extensive magazine and commercial background.  It was her second consecutive Model America victory and is seeking Hollywood representation to expand her opportunities.  The upcoming Model America Championships will once again be held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.  Competitors will be put through their runway paces in the Clubwear, Sportswear and Swimwear Rounds.

Julie Marsland

As a full-time airline attendant, you might give Julie Marsland a double take.  But as one of the most popular sports fitness models, she gets more than her share of looks.  The 30 year old Canadian has always been athletic especially in classic dance and soccer.  Since turning her interests to modeling, Julie won the 2008 Model Universe Championships and has appeared in over 40 magazines including a dozen covers, numerous commercials including a recent gig for American Express, Boxflex and Lori Fabrizzio Cosmetics.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee

In less than 4 years, Jennifer Nicole Lee has transformed herself from an overweight mother of two into a fitness and sports model celebrity.  She has published two books about body transformation and fitness lifestyles, appeared on nearly 60 magazines covers worldwide, her own line of fitness apparel, has three endorsement deals and much more.  Ar just 29 years of age, Jennifer has made her need and desire to loose weight into a commercial enterprise.

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Anchal Joseph

One of the industry's hottest models attended the Universe Weekend in Miami but wasn't competing.  Runway and commercial model superstar Anchal Joseph was the guest of former Model Universe Champion R.L. Bond and said she enjoyed the aura of health and natural fitness and the hundreds of good looking people.   "Since appearing on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7, I have devoted some time to working with a physical trainer in the hopes of gaining a more toned and defined figure," said Anchal.  "In the show, I was very self-conscious about my figure, which was quite fuller than the other girls."  Hopefully, we will see Anchal on stage at Model America in Las Vegas.

Amanda Latona

Fitness equipment manufacturer ICON recently selected '07 Model America Champion Amanda Latona to appear on their new line of Weider women's exercise equipment packaging.  She's also appeared in a new television commercial for the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs and a bevy of convention hosting and spokesmodeling.  Amanda says, "I am looking forward to an exciting year that's already off to a fantastic start!"

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