Matus Valent

Since winning the '07 Model America, fitness model Matus Valent has been working the Hollywood scene. He appeared in this year's blockbuster, "Night at the Museum 2" with Ben Stiller. Matus explained, "I was one of the Egyptian soldiers. It was a lot of fun even if it was an extra role." He has also been appearing in many fitness magazines, covers and commercials and other productions including the "Tyra Banks Show", Kristine W's “Walk Away” video and many others. Matus will be one of the celebrity judges at the Model California Championships on October 3 in Hermosa Beach.

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Julie Marsland

As a full-time airline attendant, you might give Julie Marsland a double take.  But as one of the most popular sports fitness models, she gets more than her share of looks.  The 30 year old Canadian has always been athletic especially in classic dance and soccer.  Since turning her interests to modeling, Julie won the 2008 Model Universe Championships and has appeared in over 40 magazines including a dozen covers, numerous commercials including a recent gig for American Express, Boxflex and Lori Fabrizzio Cosmetics.

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