Love the Challenge

Model Universe and America Champion Heath Cates literally won his first and second shows of his career! The 5'8", 175 lbs., New Mexico petroleum engineer says he's been making some serious changes to his physique. "I am still learning about these shows and love the challenge," Health explains. "I have been working on muscle mass and made some good quality gains since last year." Heath will be a television host at Model Hollywood next month.

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Developing My Physique

Model Universe™ Champions Heath Cates says he's training for size. "I want a full, thicker, athletic look and not just a fashion body," he explains. "I'm happy with the results and want to keep developing my physique." Heath will be a host at Model Hollywood next month.

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Cali Bound

After placing 5th at the '13 Model America™ Championships in Las Vegas, Texas sports model Jon Andrew Timberman picked up his bags and got on the next plane to Hollywood! The 6'3", 210 lbs., self proclaimed "Gym Rat Jesus Freak" is hitting all of the major Hollywood agencies, just shot with Wilhelmina Model and Talent Management Agency and has a lot more planned on his trip. Jon Andrew says, "I'm making big things happen."

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Leonardo Da Model

Like Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man sketch, '10 Model Britain Champion Mehmet Edip displays a static structure but dynamic in its presentation of a moving, living man. The photo by famed fitness cameraman Robert Reiff was shot in his Venice, California, studio and published in Box Magazine this month. The London based Mehmet is currently working the Hollywood media scene and will soon appear in some new advertisements, marketing campaigns and a couple of commercials.

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Mike Peele

Mainly known for his killer dance moves and choreography, Mike Peele’s talent and inspiration is one that can’t be denied. As a choreographer, actor and artistic director, he's most definitely a triple-threat. He has recently shared the stage with the likes of Rihanna, Madonna and Nicki Minaj to name a few. Now, the Hollywood based commercial dancer is training for his first bodybuilding competition. "I want to get to 220 lbs., then I will start dieted," Mike says. His hip hop performances have always kept him lean, but only last year started a muscle gaining regimen. Look out soon for Mike Peele's routines to turn the Musclemania® stage upside down!

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Model America Championships

Many of the world's best sports models converged on the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to compete at the Model America Championships.  With nearly 120 competitors, the talent was thick and the credentialed media was busy shooting them.  Reps!, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, Men's Health, Self, Inside Fitness, Status and over two dozen other magazines and photographers were engaged throughout the weekend.  The 27 hour, live HD webcast was watched by over 40,000 viewers worldwide and tape delayed television coverage on ESPN International and other sports networks begins in early 2011.

The Model America Prelims were held as a legitimate catwalk style show with competitors walking a 50' runway.  Judges and audience sat on each side of the runway so each model had to "play" both sides.  The Finals were held in the main show room with a massive 60' stage and the state-of the-art intelligent lighting.  Judges included Las Vegas stylist Lilia Bard, producer Renee Biron, commercial photographer Daveed Benito, Hollywood commercial choreographer Tony Gonzalez, licensed talent agent Mary Reneen and celebrity hair stylist Andeen Rose-Clark.

The 2011 Model World Tour begins in April at the Model New England Championships at the Mohegan Sun Hotel & Casino in Connecticut.

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Matus Valent

Since winning the '07 Model America, fitness model Matus Valent has been working the Hollywood scene. He appeared in this year's blockbuster, "Night at the Museum 2" with Ben Stiller. Matus explained, "I was one of the Egyptian soldiers. It was a lot of fun even if it was an extra role." He has also been appearing in many fitness magazines, covers and commercials and other productions including the "Tyra Banks Show", Kristine W's “Walk Away” video and many others. Matus will be one of the celebrity judges at the Model California Championships on October 3 in Hermosa Beach.

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Alex Ceobanu

In just his first year in the industry, Alex Ceobanu has quickly become one of Eastern Europe's hottest runway models.  The 20 year old Romanian college student has already appeared at Milan, Vienna, Frankfurt, Paris and Moscow shows where he adorned Nike, Quicksilver and Asics.  Alex is next planning to compete at Model Universe but before landing in Miami will appear at shows in New York and two commercial auditions in Hollywood.  Not bad for his first 12 months of work!

Matus Valent

Last year's Model America champions were diverse in their paths to winning.  Megan Powell had never competed in any show or much of a work resume.  But, her presence and potential are outstanding, appearance unique are looks rich with incredible locks of curly hair.  Matus Valent came all the way from Slovakia and has parlayed a world class volleyball career into photographic, commercial, video and theatrical showcase.  At 6'3", the blond hair, blue eye striker captures the eyes of casting agents whenever he auditions.   This year, nearly 200 both new and experienced sports fitness models from all walks of life will compete in Hollywood but all hoping to launch and advance their careers.  Also, many of the new models wanting to introduce themselves will compete at one or more regional and international events.

Model America Championships

The largest line-up of sports fitness models ever will compete at the upcoming Model America Championships in Hollywood. This 6th annual extravaganza is attracting newcomers, veterans and professionals from around the world. They will be judged by recognized industry experts including commercial agents, talent scouts, photographers, producers and other decision makers who will be evaluate the Sportswear, Swimwear and Clubwear Rounds. Each year, many competitors are literally discovered on the Model World Tour and this season is certain to deliver new stars to the sports modeling scene.  It doesn't matter if you win because just being exposed to some of the movers and shakers in the industry is often enough to launch or turn around a career.  It's all about being seen by the right people at the right time and Model America is the place.