JC Shivers

As Model Texas Champion, JC Shivers was the tallest sports model ever on the Model World Tour. But, the former professional basketball also had a lifters body. At 6'8", 240 lbs., Jacoie was on a mission this season. Here are his own thoughts:"This past year has been a very challenging yet blessed year for me as both a fitness trainer and fitness model. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have accomplished all that I have in the world of health and fitness. Just last year my mentor and best friend Scotty Lindsey was already on a path to success in the fitness modeling industry conquering every competition and stage he stepped foot on. So, at 6'8", 240 lbs. at the time I was very committed to just stay in overall good shape. Scott took me under his wing and groomed me into the fitness trainer that I am today. It wasn't til then we both decided to do something not even I could have imagined. Putting my massive physique on stage and displaying it to the world. I dedicated myself to just come to Musclemania® to compete and not really trying to win or anything. But after getting first place and hearing from the people that were their about how I inspired them to get into shape, I started taken it to a whole other level of fitness. My goal then was to win every show in Texas while continuing to motivate and help other reach their fitness goal then compete internationally and be recognized as one of the top fitness models in the industry. My biggest challenge was the dieting part because of my high metabolism I wasn't able to keep on muscle mass without burning it off because of having basketball games every week. Once i got over that everything just sort of took care of itself. Working out 5 days a week resting two and getting my cardio in 3 times a week by way of basketball.""I'm really excited about the opportunities that have been offered to me after my 3rd place finish at Model America in Las Vegas last month. I just have to remain focused and stayed motivated and not forget why I'm doing all this . . . the people!"