Team Korea

Team Korea featured over 20 amazingly talent and beautiful ladies at Model Universe last June in Miami Beach.  The Team went home with 15 awards which highlighted the popularity of sports modeling and recreational fitness in Korea.  Next week in Las Vegas, Team Korea will introduce 25 more new sports models and natural athletes at the Fitness America Weekend.

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Model New England

Trevor & Aaron Hairston (L-R) made their debut appearance at Model New England at Foxwoods Resort Casino. The brothers who finished 3rd and 1st, respectively, own some professional sports teams in Connecticut which help people with self improvement and personal development. "We use sports as a vehicle to empower lives and encourage overall health and wellness," Aaron explains. "Over the last few years, we have connected with many resources that help us re-open doors for some and fuel dreams for many." The Hairstons also own a training facility called The Body Lab. "We use state of the art science and technology to help people achieve ultimate health and performance," Aaron says. "We are strong believers in all-natural health and wellness solutions and continue to support life and all that it can be!" Both Trevor and Aaron will compete at Model Universe in Miami Beach in June.

Gabriele Belmonte

Gabriele Belmonte warmed up for Model Universe at last weekend's Model Europe in Rome. The 27 year old personal trainer nearly won the title with a classic body look wrapped in Milan designer apparel. At 5'8", 175 lbs., Gabriele will be popular choice among the judges, audience and media next weekend in Miami Beach. You can catch all of the action LIVE - June 28 & 29.

Francisco Dominguez

Living the fast lifestyle, MM Pro Francisco Dominguez appears in a racy, new Audi A1 Limited Edition Quattro magazine and poster ad campaign in Europe. The 6', 225 lbs. fitness center owner was spotted by Audi's Spanish advertising agency after a major feature about his bodybuilding career in Spain's biggest newspaper. Francisco won the '12 MM World HW Class and is training for his MM Pro debut at MM Universe in Miami Beach, June 28-29.

Jessica Vasquez

Texas diva Jessica Vasquez may have been new to fitness shows, but the 30 year old model won both the '12 Ms. Bikini Texas and Ms. Bikini America! The 5'7", 130 lbs., second grade school teacher is a graduate of Texas A&M and trains with Team Elite Physiques. As a relative novice to serious fitness, Jessica says she has learned about her body, nutrition and the important of a daily regimen in the past year. She is currently preparing for Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami Beach in June.

Michelle Berthelot

Like so many other beautiful fitness women, Michelle Berthelot just didn't know what she had going for her.  The 21 year old Louisiana college student was training at a university fitness center and caught the eye of one of the trainers who suggested she consider a sports model competition.  So, with some more encouragement, Michelle saved up the cash, grabbed her Mom and Grannie and drove to Miami Beach for the 2005 Model Universe.  Her stunning beauty, attractive shape and sweet disposition radiated across the stage and helped her capture the Universe title.   "I come from a little town in Louisiana, so winning this kind of show is something like a dream for me.  I guess I will see where it all leads," said Michelle.  "But, first, I really need to finish school."

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