On Another Field

Costa Rican sports model Jonathan Murillo is popular in his country and will be competiting at Model Universe 2014. The 5'1", 178 lbs, 22 year old says, "I want to see how well I can do outside my country. I love training and shooting for cameras, so what a better place than in Miami." Watch Jonathan and the hundreds of competitors from around the world LIVE from Florida on www.musclemania.tv.

Pull Out Favorite

Model Australia Champion Ben Handsaker was a favorite for Model America last month in Las Vegas. The 5'11", 189 lbs., cover model and celebrity sports star unexpectedly withdrew at the last minute. Ben explains, " I burst a large hernia I have on abs last week. I was pushing extremely hard in the gym! As I wanted to have an 8 pack popping on stage for the World Championships. That will teach me for doing leg raises with 12 kg dumbbell between my feet supersets with leg press. I have had the hernia for over 3 years but never got it operated on because I didn't want to take the foot off the accelerator with my fitness goals. As the surgery has a 6 week recovery time with no weights training." Ben says his healing's on track and everyone should plan to see him on stage at Model Universe in Miami in June . . . with an eight pack!

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Kelly McGrath

She may have her masters degree in political science, but Kelly McGrath is so apolitical when it comes to sports fitness modeling.  The 29 year old is one of the hottest on the Canadian scene and has shot American Curves, Lingerie, UMM and many others.  At 5'8", 125 lbs., Kelly is striking and stunning and photographers love the way she can play with the camera.  She won the '07 Model Canada Championships in Toronto and is preparing to compete at Model Universe in Miami in June.

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Ryan Enriquez

As one of New York's fastest rising models, Ryan Enriquez's road to modeling is as diverse as his exotic looks. The 24 year old personal trainer was recently signed by BOSS Models and has been locking in fashion, commercial and runway jobs throughout region. At 6'1", 195 lbs., Ryan played high school varsity football, basketball and wrestling and then served six years in the Marine Corps. including a tour in Iraq. Recently discharged, he's returned home, has started college all the while being pursued by many agencies in New York, Miami and Hollywood. "I was always told that I had the looks, but never took it seriously. So now its time for a new chapter in my life," said Ryan. "I want to have some fun with crossover modeling including fitness. But, I've got to keep my weigh down if I want to get mainstream jobs. So, I am training for a leaner appearance that will look good in and outside of clothes." Ryan competed at Model Universe in Miami and will be out on the west coast to shake some heads in Hollywood at Model America. He continued, "Now that I am working in New York, I also want to make things happen in LA.  Its that Golden Triangle, you know - New York, Hollywood and Miami.  That's my game plan."

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