Denham Raveendrakumar

Australian engineer Denham Raveendrakumar says he's ready for Model America in Las Vegas next week. The 5'8", 185 lbs. Melbourne trainer is a popular commercial sports model having appeared in numerous magazines, campaigns and runway shows. "It's time to take all this hard work to another level, Denham says. "I have worked on my legs all year just so that I am really complete on stage. I want to have the symmetry to match my condition." Denham will be among over 100 other sports models from around the world.

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Ben Handsaker

Model America star Ben Handsaker was popular among the media at the Las Vegas show and so much so that famed fitness shutterbug Alex Ardenti took notice. Ben says, "I set out in 2012 to shoot with the world's best photographers - job done. When I first met Alex I asked whether I should pump up? He said, 'Yes, of course. You don't want to look small and flat. LOL' When I heard that I knew we were on!" Ben place 7th among 24 amazing sports models in the Short Class but captured a 1st Place load publicity at the show.

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Simone Sziksai

Model Superbody Champion Simone Sziksai has been a competitive athlete since high school. The 36 year old writer and clinical medicine researcher has appeared in numerous music videos and independent SAG films. The wife and mother was a high school varsity athlete in basketball, tennis, softball and track and Junior Olympics gymnast. Her next goal is Model America in Las Vegas.

Julie Marsland

Truly Canada's most accomplished sports model, '08 Model Universe Champion Julie Marsland has appeared in more magazines than any other talent. Last year, she placed 4th at Model America in Las Vegas and was stunning as ever. The 28 year old fitness fanatic love's for physical activity and dance began at an early age. This passion was a natural carry-over into the fitness industry, where she has worked since 2004 as a group fitness instructor and is currently a Reebok Master Trainer & spokesperson and personal trainer. Julie has graced five magazine covers, has appeared numerous times on television (such as ETalk Canada, Rogers TV), print ads (such as Oxygen, Elle Canada, Lou Lou) and radio.

Olga Svyrydova

With nearly 600 competitors from around the world, the Fitness America Weekend was truly the most impressive natural sports fitness shows ever held!  The energy was pulsating and the talent was incredible.  Highlighting the weekend was the Model America Championships with nearly 120 marketable sports models from every continent of the world.

Winning the Women's Division was Ukrainian immigrant Olga Svyrydova who is a Pennsylvania college student.  She was already riding high following her Model Universe win earlier in the year.  In a close Second Place was Johanna Sambucini who just won the Model New York two weeks prior.  Both ladies are new to modeling but have already struck significant attention in the New York modeling scene.  Model Midwest Champion Faydra Brown was surprised to place in the Top 5, but the stunning model captured the judges eyes.  Traveling from Toronto was a last minute decision and for newcomer Sally Leung it was rewarded with 4th Place.

The Men's Division was captured by Las Vegas native Kyle Clark who was a Top 5 Finalist two years ago and credited the show to making his mark on the fitness scene.  He has appear on numerous magazine covers, advertising print campaigns and in commercials.  This was his comeback appearance and it was a magical weekend for Kyle.  Reigning Model New England Champion Mark Samara took Second Place but as one of the shortest models said he was surprised.   Representing Team Korea, Kim Kyungjin was stunned to be a Top 10 Finalist.  The martial arts expert won the recent Model Korea Championships.

Complete Model America Championships photo galleries will be posted soon.  DVD's are already available on-line.

Alex Castillo

The 7th Annual Model America Championships in Las Vegas hosted nearly 100 of the country's hottest sports fitness models.  But it was local hometown stars Amanda Latona and Alex Castillo that took home overall honors.  Alex is a personal trainer originally from Cuban with limited modeling experience but recently moved to South Beach to ignited his career and be closer to his family.  Amanda is a convention spokesperson and model with extensive magazine and commercial background.  It was her second consecutive Model America victory and is seeking Hollywood representation to expand her opportunities.  The upcoming Model America Championships will once again be held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.  Competitors will be put through their runway paces in the Clubwear, Sportswear and Swimwear Rounds.

R.L. Bond

Just back from shooting a commercial for European deodorant Mums, sports model superstar R.L. Bond has conquered the South Beach scene.  Now, the 23 year old former Model Universe Champion is making his move on New York's Madison Avenue.  Just signed by agency Fusion, he'll be on the runway for five companies at New York Fashion Week.  Then, R.L. has been booked to work South Africa for 4 weeks.  He'll be back in time to be a celebrity judge at Model America in Las Vegas in November.

Anchal Joseph

One of the industry's hottest models attended the Universe Weekend in Miami but wasn't competing.  Runway and commercial model superstar Anchal Joseph was the guest of former Model Universe Champion R.L. Bond and said she enjoyed the aura of health and natural fitness and the hundreds of good looking people.   "Since appearing on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7, I have devoted some time to working with a physical trainer in the hopes of gaining a more toned and defined figure," said Anchal.  "In the show, I was very self-conscious about my figure, which was quite fuller than the other girls."  Hopefully, we will see Anchal on stage at Model America in Las Vegas.

Amanda Latona

Fitness equipment manufacturer ICON recently selected '07 Model America Champion Amanda Latona to appear on their new line of Weider women's exercise equipment packaging.  She's also appeared in a new television commercial for the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs and a bevy of convention hosting and spokesmodeling.  Amanda says, "I am looking forward to an exciting year that's already off to a fantastic start!"

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Amelia Powers

At the recent Model America, Amelia Powers was out to make it a double-header following her Ms. Bikini America win.  The 35 year old wife and mother beat nearly 100 other beautiful bikini competitors from around the world.  Although Amelia did not win, she was also a Model America Top 5 Finalist with some of the most talent and beautiful models ever seen at the show.  According to husband David, "This lady is so driven now and wants to compete at both Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami.  And, to think this thing just started as a dare!"