Reed Plummer

As one of London's most popular models, Reed Plummer can be seen in consumer magazines like Men's Health and major commercial campaigns. The 5'8", 165 lbs. 26 years old, has been migrating to sports fitness modeling as his physique continues to develop. Reed is training for Model Universe next June in Miami and promises to bring his new look to the stage.

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Ben Noy

He may be new to the competitive sports model scene, but British real estate developer Ben Noy is definitely not new to the sports model scene.  Already he's appeared on several Men's Health magazine covers, television host for the Playboy Channel, Gillette Shaving Foam and Sony Ericson campaign model, the star of multiple training DVD's and numerous other major entries on his impressive resume.  Ben's first crack into the competitive fitness scene was last month at Model Scotland where he captured 3rd Place.  But, he will be at Model Britain next month and expects to show the more seasoned, London based judges what a real professional sports model looks like.

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