Patricia Callero

Miss Uruguay Patricia Callero came to the Superbody™ Championships in Atlantic City and made the judges gasp. The 5'8", 125 lbs. beauty queen was competing in a fitness show for the first time and won both the Ms. Bikini and Model Divisions. Patricia is a college student and professional model and knows how to present her sass. But, she realizing that to move forward in fitness shows, she needs to get into a little better shape. "I realize that I need to tighten up a little and spend more time doing cardio. I'll do it and be ready for Las Vegas."

Simone Sziksai

Model Superbody Champion Simone Sziksai has been a competitive athlete since high school. The 36 year old writer and clinical medicine researcher has appeared in numerous music videos and independent SAG films. The wife and mother was a high school varsity athlete in basketball, tennis, softball and track and Junior Olympics gymnast. Her next goal is Model America in Las Vegas.