Team Korea

Team Korea featured over 20 amazingly talent and beautiful ladies at Model Universe last June in Miami Beach.  The Team went home with 15 awards which highlighted the popularity of sports modeling and recreational fitness in Korea.  Next week in Las Vegas, Team Korea will introduce 25 more new sports models and natural athletes at the Fitness America Weekend.

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Nick Peterson

ABC’s “Bachelor Pad 3″ Winner Nick Peterson may have won $250,000, but he’s not stopping his media roll. The 27 year old, Florida actor and model was also on Season 7 of “The Bachelorette” and will be on stage at Model Universe Friday & Saturday with 100 other amazing sports models. Watch the show LIVE on

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Model New England

Trevor & Aaron Hairston (L-R) made their debut appearance at Model New England at Foxwoods Resort Casino. The brothers who finished 3rd and 1st, respectively, own some professional sports teams in Connecticut which help people with self improvement and personal development. "We use sports as a vehicle to empower lives and encourage overall health and wellness," Aaron explains. "Over the last few years, we have connected with many resources that help us re-open doors for some and fuel dreams for many." The Hairstons also own a training facility called The Body Lab. "We use state of the art science and technology to help people achieve ultimate health and performance," Aaron says. "We are strong believers in all-natural health and wellness solutions and continue to support life and all that it can be!" Both Trevor and Aaron will compete at Model Universe in Miami Beach in June.

Gabriele Belmonte

Gabriele Belmonte warmed up for Model Universe at last weekend's Model Europe in Rome. The 27 year old personal trainer nearly won the title with a classic body look wrapped in Milan designer apparel. At 5'8", 175 lbs., Gabriele will be popular choice among the judges, audience and media next weekend in Miami Beach. You can catch all of the action LIVE - June 28 & 29.

Michelle Van Rooyen

Model South Africa Champions Peter Gaiser & Michelle Van Rooyen rocked the house in Cape Town earlier this month. They will be members of Team South Africa competing at Model Universe next month in Miami. Besides being an avid lifter, Peter is a PGA Professional and mixes his bodybuilding with hitting the irons. Michelle says, "I am an adrenaline junkie. I love to train hard in the gym, I’m actually a little addicted to it."

Tyler Mc Peak

Model Universe star Tyler Mc Peak is back! After emaciating himself for fashion modeling, the 6'1", 225 lbs. trainer took 3 years to gain back a lot of lost muscle and says it was a challenge. Tyler explains, "Physique goals can take years to accomplish. You have to be consistent with doing the correct things every day, be determined and stay focused on the big picture. I learned to find out what works for my body because I have to be happy and enjoy this lifestyle otherwise I won't last."

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Adis Jakic

Croatian sports model Adis Jakic is the reigning Model Europe Champion and a '11 Model America Top 5 Finalist in Las Vegas. The 28 year old businessman has been training for many years and was a national level sprinter before switching to serious bodybuilding. At 5'10", 185 lbs., Adis is currently training for Model Universe in Miami and Model Europe in Paris.

Melissa Pittman

The recent Model Universe Championships in Miami hosted over 100 stunning sports fitness models including winner Melissa Pittman from Tampa. The 30 year old magazine cover model has been married for 10 years to NFL running back Michael Pittman and have two children.  She dedicated her win to younger brother Tim who at 27 years of age passed away due to advance heart disease.  Melissa is the Director of Athlete Relations for sports nutrition company, Cellucor.  She said, "I have a new reason that is driving my passion because I want to leave a mark in this world for my children.  Melissa is a Smoothie King franchise owner and an avid volleyball and softball player.

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Lindsay Messina

At the recent Fitness Atlantic Pageant, former cheerleader Lindsay Messina competed for the first time with an incredibly vibrant dance routine which earned her the runner-up spot.  She said, "I'm doing fitness for the first time this year to challenge my strength and endurance.  I love to be on stage!"  Professionally, Lindsay is doing a lot of commercial and editorial photo shoots including a new 12-page spread in Muscle & Fitness Hers and will appear on the cover next month.  She will soon compete in both Fitness and Model Universe.

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R.L. Bond

Last month's Miami Fashion Week featured the ultimate in cool threads and hot bodies including '06 Model Universe Champion R.L. BondThis guy gets hotter by week and was chosen for the runway by designers Unico, Bogosse, Robert Flores and Mocali.  But R.L. claims it wasn't easy preparing for the shows.  "I had to drop my weight 5 pounds within 2 weeks to be able to fit into the designer clothes.  My diet was eating chicken, lots of fruit, drinking only juices, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I skipped breakfast everyday and only ate lunch and dinner.  Plus, I was running 7 miles a day."  R.L. will be one of the seminar speakers at Model Universe in Miami, so come by and meet this fast rising star.

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