Team Champions

The Fitness America Weekend™ Team Championships was just awarded to Team Australia, a hotly competitive group of 6 competitors who accumulated 95 points by winning multiple classes or divisions. Top Aussie point winners included new Ms. Bikini America™ Hattie Boydle (27 points), Ms. Bikini and Model Classic Winner Kristen Lonie (20 points) and Musclemania® World Champion Nathan Wallace (20 points). Other Top 5 Teams including Team Savage Warrriors (2nd Place, 82 points), Team Korea #1 (3rd Place, 71 points), Team Australian Natural Bodz (4th Place, 65 points) and Team New Mexico Iron (5th Place, 60 points). Complete placings and scores are available here.

Competitors can represent a trainer or coach, local, regional or national fitness centers, sports clubs or other companies and national teams. Teams can be composed of 3 to 10 people and each with a team leader. Each team may have competitors that are competing in different classes and divisions. And, if a team gets too large, then they can split and form two or more separate teams.

In the 2014 season, the following shows will feature the Team Championships:

Fitness Universe Weekend
Fitness America Weekend
Fitness Asia
Fitness India
Fitness Latino
Fitness Mexico
Fitness New York
Fitness Paris
Fitness Texas