Model Universe Champion Bree'Anna Lucero shares, "Time is Love
Time can not be bought 
Love can not be bought
- As I get older I realize just how much these two things mean to me. I have taken time to be alone and learn what I love and how to truly love myself. - I realize how beautiful this world and life truly is. It takes time to stop and appreciate the little things. Sunsets, stars, weather, smells, colors, nature, true deep meaningful conversations. - You can have ALL the money and fame in the world and it still not be enough, I have taken the time to learn from others. Although I still don’t know it all, I remain open minded and willing to learn all I can in my time here. - I have learned Love through God. Absolute Unconditional Love, how indescribable is a love like that! 🙏🏼🙌🏻
- Just being able to stop and take time to truly smile, love and appreciate the world around us is something I incorporate everyday because I’m not promised tomorrow."