Glasgow based Master Chef Tony Pang had nearly grabbed the top spot at the Model Scotland Championships last month with the smell of victory even closer than fellow celebrity chef and Model Scotland judge Sonia Scott-Mackay, who was enjoying her job far too much. "His hair is just so cool," said Sonia during a post event interview and admits that she was fighting off the urge to touch it during registration.

After capturing a runner up position against one of the toughest line ups that we've seen so far this year, the 22 year old PHD Sponsored fitness model is even more determined to take the top spot at the ESPN International televised Britain Finals this Sept 4th.

His recipe for success in life is more than just eating healthy and keeping fit. Like many successful fitness entrepreneurs, he understood the importance of education at an early age. Tony said during a recent interview, "I've been brought up in private education, wanting to aspire to be a designer of some sort, and having a creative mind and skilled drawing ability. After finishing school I decided to work in the family business of running a restaurant and specializing in fine dining Seafood and Grill. That was my foundation."

The scholar athlete already has an impressive modeling portfolio with major brands like Adidas Predator footwear under his belt and television work as a stunt man for Channel 4's Iron Chef UK, but it doesn't stop there. "I was one of the stars of ITV's Saturday night prime time dating show Take Me Out and I'm hoping to branch more into television, fitness and entertainment," he said. With one of the most crowd pleasing performances of the series, the girls just wouldn't turn their lights off for this finishing school grad.

Tony credits his tight knit family of entrepreneurs for driving him to keep his light on for life. Especially Gran, who we understand is very opinionated. Already a success story and barely into his 20s, the Seafood Master Chef has recently launched his own personal training business in Glasgow.

His website talks about his recipe of Master Training techniques - that he'll be using to cook up a victory at the Britain Finals!