2016 Model Universe Champion™ Jessica Vasquez is so much more than a fitness fanatic and without a doubt, dedicates herself to helping others in any aspect of life. She shows an immense amount of commitment to herself, her students, and her education. Jessica is truly an inspiration to women all around the world, proving that women can be successful and healthy all at once. Women are unstoppable when they are determined!
Jessica shares, "???????Wonderful week 1!! It has been a busy but successful week back at work. I haven't posted much, but for those of your wondering I have been good. ??Staying consistent with my AM workouts, meal prepping, studying a new curriculum and staying focused on teaching my 4th graders. I feel like I am on top of the world ?? staying productive! Due to Hurricane Harvey, school was canceled today. (Sad ??) I hope EVERYONE is staying strong, safe and dry. "